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About us

At Affordable Airconditioning, we are driven by the belief that comfort is not just the perfect temperature.

Comfort is also the ultra-easy process of getting your system installed, the feeling of satisfaction when keeping your energy bills low, or the peace of mind knowing we’re always on hand to help you.

Our mission is to keep our customers comfortable year-round – relaxing with the best air, with support available whenever they need it.

Affordable Airconditioning The Award Winning Company
Heath, Haley, and their dog

Family-owned for over 40 years

Since our humble beginnings in the 1970s, building relationships with customers has been our number one priority. Some of those very same customers are with us today – as are their kids and grand-kids!

When Affordable Airconditioning’s founder Hans retired several years ago, he handed the reins over to the Freebairn family, who have been involved in the business for almost 15 years.

Whenever you call us, we want to feel like a family member or long-lost friend – ready with a smile and a helping hand for comfort you can count on.

Haley Freebairn

Haley Freebairn

This is Haley – the driving force behind Affordable Airconditioning.

Starting in 2006 (after completing a University Degree in Visual Communication) as a receptionist, and working her way up to co-owner in 2017, her compassion and attention to detail mean our clients receive service that is second to none in the industry.

Haley’s personal connections to clients, staff and suppliers (new and old), keep people coming back again and again, and reinforce the family oriented feel of the business. She is the company’s connection between past and present. If you walk through the door and you have been here before, chances are she will smile and say ‘welcome back.’

When Haley is not running the business, handling accounts, or looking after marketing, you will find her reading a good book, catching up with friends, spending time with Heath and Indie or buying the local nurseries out of indoor plants.

Heath Freebairn

Heath Freebairn

Heath’s practical knowledge allows for a no fuss, confident approach to tackling difficult project scenarios in a controlled and cost-effective manner.

His positive attitude makes coming to the office a pleasure. Originally from Littlehampton in the Adelaide Hills, he has lived all over Adelaide, and finds his happiness (work/life balance) tending to his lawn at his home in Woodside. He is focused and driven. These qualities allow him to provide each of our clients with the undivided attention they deserve.

Heath’s valuable business connections are expanding our networks and opening Affordable Airconditioning up to projects and people we previously would have not been exposed to. He strives to strengthen our presence in the market and inspires us all with his moral boosting positivity and passion for the Company’s future.