Efficient Central Air Distribution Systems

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Efficient Central Air Distribution Systems

The Affordable Air Conditioning Central Air Distribution System

This Central Air Distribution system, using Westaflex and Siemens components is up to 6% more efficient than systems used by most other companies. This means that a smaller airconditioner is required to condition the same area, resulting in a lower operating cost. Other benefits are a quieter outdoor unit, and a smaller installation space requirement.
The system on the left is designed for minimum duct loss. This is done by using
smaller diameter ducts to condition only the rooms that are required to be comfortable. Also the outlet locations are selected using ASHRAE and First Rate design outlet guidelines. All the above will help to create a more comfortable environment at a higher energy efficiency and lower operating cost.

Inefficient industry standard outlet locations & ductwork distribution system

This system is able to be installed at a lower cost but requires a larger air conditioner unit for the same area. The airflow is heating or cooling the glass, which is very inefficient, and this air flow creates draughts along the walls. When the Family room is selected it minimises the airflow to Bedrooms 2 & 3. Due to the larger ducts required, it maximises duct loss when only one room is used at the end of a run or when all bedrooms are switched off. This all requires a larger unit for the same comfort that the Central Distribution system provides.

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